Rules (Do Not Reply)

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Rules (Do Not Reply)

Post by Michael-Anthony D. on 5/31/2015, 7:54 pm

1) Do not verbally attack or harass ANYONE on this forum.
2) Please post in the appropriate section(s). If unavailable, contact one of the administrators and we will resolve the issue.
3) Do not "mini-mod." If you notice a problem regarding members or harmful posts, contact one of the administrators and we will resolve the issue. Please do not try and resolve the problem yourself.
4) For the sake of privacy, do not post any personal information that you wouldn't want strangers to know. This includes you address, social security number, etc...
5) Sharing/Posting inappropriate videos and pictures is not allowed.
6) Do not double post. That is what the edit function is for.
7) Racism, profanity, and politics is STRICTLY prohibited.
8) Profile pictures must be BSA approved (aka Scout appropriate).

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in loss of forum privileges or suspension of access. Remember, ANYONE on the internet can view this forum. So choose your words and actions wisely.
Michael-Anthony D.

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